Selling To Us


Thank you!

First, we would like to thank you. We are absolutely thrilled that you've chosen to sell to us. We know it can be hard. You aren't just selling "stuff", you are parting with some great memories from your little ones' childhood.

How Does Selling Work?

We get asked about this a lot. We have a small staff, so we are currently only able to buy your items on the first Tuesday & Wednesday of the month from 10 AM - 6 PM. We ask that you use our side Seller's Entrance for all drop offs. (It keeps the front of our store a little less congested.) To see a schedule of our drop off days, please visit our Events Page Here

Once you drop off your items, our staff will look over everything and select the very best items to stock our store. (Clothing should be freshly washed and folded and all electronic items should include batteries. Any items that appear to be stained, heavily soiled, or worn will not be taken.) An account is created for you, and your items are then priced and inventoried based on brand, demand, and overall quality. Then, depending on what we price the item, you will receive 25% - 40% of our price. Larger items like baby gear and furniture we try to offer you between 30% - 50% of our price. (This greatly depends on the item's date of manufacture, signs of use, accessories included, functionality, cleanliness, recalls, etc.)

You will receive a call back telling you how many of your items we have selected and how much you'll receive for everything. You then have 3 days to pick up any unselected items and your totes/containers. (We wish we had unlimited space, but that isn't the case. Our sorting room fills up quickly. If you don't return for your items in the allotted time or make other arrangements with us, the unselected items and containers will be donated to our partners at The Mercy Center for Women or EUMA.)

When you come in, we'll have you sign a quick form for your payout and we pay you in cash. You can also opt to keep your credit, plus a 10% bonus on your account for shopping in our store. 

Drop Off Limits

Just so we can be fair to everyone, we have had to update our policies on drop offs. **We ask that you limit drop offs to no more than 50 items (clothing, shoes, toys, books, dvds) and 2 large items (toys or gear). Also, at this time, we can only accept 1 drop off per person, per month.**

Appointments Available

If you can't make it during our regular buying days on the first Tuesday or Wednesday of the month from 10 AM - 6 PM, we will gladly set up an appointment time for you to drop off your items. You can call the store at 814-315-4001, email us at, or message us through facebook to set up your appointment.


When you drop off items, you have the option to donate anything unselected to our friends at either The Mercy Center for Women in Erie or EUMA - the Erie United Methodist Alliance. Your donations benefit some of their great programs in the Erie area and help to support their organization.